Empowering school counsellors to address mental health needs of students

  • Wide range of standardised psychological assessments
  • In-clinic and remote administration
  • Automatic scoring, graphing and reporting
  • Secure HIPAA compliant clinical record keeping
  • Works across devices - desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Designed for psychologists, therapists, social workers and counselors
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Evidence based mental healthcare - PsyPack outcome tools

Support more students more effectively

better clinical outcomes

Improve learning outcomes and resilience

Assess student life skills and build resilience to improve learning outcomes and overall personality.

better clinical outcomes

Screen for disorders hampering learning

Identify vulnerable students by conducting screenings for learning and conduct disorders go.

Make right career choices

Make right career choices

Help students identify the right careers by identifying their unique personality, interests and aptitudes.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Comply with latest education policy and governement recommendations on school mental health

Evidence based mental healthcare - PsyPack outcome tools

Takes less than 2 mins to conduct an assessment

1. Select the assessment

Practitioner selects the desired assessment, enters the email address of the client(s) and initiates the assessment.

Select the assessment

2. Conduct the assessment

The client appears for the assessment either remotely or in your office and submits the responses.

Conduct the assessment

3. Get the reports

The responses are scored automatically and comprehensive reports are generated instantaneously.

Get the reports

When making choices about education of their children, mental health matters to parents.

Parents thinking

92% of parents think schools should provide free mental health services to students and staff

need of wellness

Almost two-thirds (61%) globally believe children should be introduced to wellness and mental health awareness in primary or middle school.

scholl's role

91% of parents agree schools should play a bigger role in training people to solve today’s mental health issues.

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