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Parenting Styles & Dimensions Questionnaire - Short Version

Parenting Styles & Dimensions Questionnaire - Short Version

What is PSDQ-Short Version

The Parenting Styles & Dimensions Questionnaire - Short Version (PSDQ-Short Version) is a 32-item parenting questionnaire designed to assess global typologies (authoritative, authoritarian, permissive) consistent with Baumrind’s main conceptualizations for parents of preschool and school-age children. The PSDQ-Short Version is a modified version of the original 62-item PSDQ which was developed for use with parents of children from 4 to 12-year-old in various cultures.

PSDQ-Short Version Printable PDF

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PSDQ-Short Version Scoring and Interpretation

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What does PSDQ-Short Version measure

The purpose of the evaluation is to:

  • assess global parenting typologies (authoritative, authoritarian, permissive), and
  • measure conceptually coherent factors identified within each typology.



Type of outcome tool

Positive psychology

Assessment modes


Age and eligibility

Preschool and school-age children

Estimated time

About 5 minutes


As is true of any self-report instrument, respondents can consciously distort their response to the scale if they are motivated to do so.

The scoring protocol used here results in three continuous variables (three mean scores for each parent) and not categorical variables. Typically, most researchers use these three continuous variables correlational, multiple regression, and/or structural equation modeling analyses. A few researchers have attempted to convert these continuous variables into three categorical variables by using statistical procedures such as median splits or cluster analysis (see a statistical consultant for these procedures).

Attribution and References

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