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Gatekeeper Behavior Scale

Gatekeeper Behavior Scale

What is GBS

The Gatekeeper Behavior Scale (GBS) is a tool to measure the effectiveness of gatekeeper training by assessing participants’ skills, attitudes, and intentions, which predicts engagement to help those in psychological distress and those at risk of suicide. The GBS is tool for assessing a person’s gatekeeper behavior to question, discuss, motivate, and refer those in psychological distress to mental health support services.

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GBS Scoring and Interpretation

The GBS is composed of 11 items and three subscales. To compute the overall composite GBS score, first average all of the items within each subscale of preparedness, likelihood, and self-efficacy. Then, owing to differing response scales, standardize the mean score for each subscale using the percentage of maximize possible (POMP) method, which expresses the raw scores as a percentage of maximize possible score). Then compute an overall GBS score by averaging the three subscales’ POMP score.

Higher GBS scores are more likely to engage in gatekeeper intervention behaviors.

PsyPack can automatically score the GBS assessment and prepare corresponding tables and graphs.

GBS sample result

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GBS track progress

Sample Report of GBS


Gatekeeper Training, Suicide Prevention

What does GBS measure

The purpose of the evaluation is to:

  • measure the effectiveness of gatekeeper training, and
  • measure three distinct components of suicide prevention behavior that include preparedness to recognize and motivate someone who may be in psychological distress, the likelihood that participants will engage in the suicide prevention behavior, and the self-efficacy or confidence that they can guide a suicidal person to seek help.



Type of outcome tool

Positive psychology

Assessment modes


Age and eligibility

Adults and Young adults

Estimated time

About 2 minutes


As is true of any self-report instrument, respondents can consciously distort their response to the scale if they are motivated to do so.

The Gatekeeper Behavior Scale (GBS) appears to be a valid tool in measuring the impact of online gatekeeper training simulations and holds promise for assessing other delivery methods.

Attribution and References

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