Social Interaction Anxiety Scale

Social Interaction Anxiety Scale


The Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS) is a twenty-item measure which assesses fears of general social interaction, corresponding to the DSM-III-R descriptions of Social Phobia - Generalised type. The Social Phobia Scale (SPS) and the Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS) were developed as a companion set of measures by Mattick and Clarke in 1998. The scales correlated well with established measures of social anxiety, but were found to have low or non-significant (partial) correlations with established measures of depression, state and trait anxiety, locus of control, and social desirability. The scales were found to change with treatment and to remain stable in the face of no-treatment. It appears that these scales are valid, useful, and easily scored measures for clinical and research applications


Social Phobia


Self administered

Assessment type


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13 years and above

Estimated time

Less than 5 minutes


Mattick, R., and C. Clarke. 1998. Development and Validation of Measure of Social Phobia Scrutiny Fear and Social Interaction Anxiety. Behavior Research and Therapy 36:455–70.