Personality Belief Questionnaire - Short Form

Personality Belief Questionnaire - Short Form


The Personality Belief Questionnaire-Short Form (PBQ-SF) is a 65-item self-report instrument for assessment of dysfunctional beliefs based on Beck’s cognitive formulations of personality disorders. Beck and Beck (1991) developed the Personality Belief Questionnaire (PBQ) to measure the beliefs associated with ten DSM personality disorders. The PBQ is a 126-item self report measure of beliefs purported by cognitive theory to be relevant to the following DSM-IV personality disorders: Avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive, histrionic, passive–aggressive, narcissistic, paranoid, schizoid, antisocial and borderline. The items of the PBQ were based on the clinical observation of Beck et al (1990). The PBQ is a promising instrument for identifying beliefs pertinent to a range of personality disorders.




Self administered

Assessment type


Assessment modes



18 years and above

Estimated time

10 to 15 minutes


Beck, A. T., & Beck, J. S. (1991). The Personality Belief Questionnaire. Bala Cynwyd, PA: The Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research.