Readiness to Change Questionnaire

Readiness to Change Questionnaire


The Readiness to Change Questionnaire (RCQ) is a 12-item instrument for measuring the "stage of change" reached by an excessive drinker of alcohol. It is based on the stages of change model developed by Prochaska and DiClementel which describes the stages through which a person moves in an attempt to resolve an addictive problem. From "Precontemplation" through "Contemplation" and "Action" to "Maintenance", the person is assumed to pass from one stage to the next, with the Relapser re-entering the cycle at either the Precontemplation or Contemplation stages. It may take many cycles around the stages of change before an addictive problem is finally solved.


Alcohol Use


Self administered

Assessment type


Assessment modes



17 years and above

Estimated time

Less than 5 minutes


Heather N., Rollnick S (1993). NDARC Technical Report No. 19.